Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Baby Nursery Furniture Must Haves

If this is you first baby, furnishing the nursery can be fun but also somewhat confusing. You may have read in some of the popular pregnancy books or had other people tell you about all the furniture pieces and other baby items that you "must have".

All newborns spend a lot of time sleeping so a place to rest is on the list of must haves. While not a necessity, a bassinet or a Moses basket is a nice thing to have with a newborn. Each of these can be moved around from room to room so the baby is where ever you are. After the first couple of months these can no longer be used. You will have to stop using the bassinet or Moses basket what your baby can roll around because it becomes unsafe. Take these things into consideration when you are trying to decide whether to purchase a bassinet or Moses basket.

Unless you plan on having your baby sleep with you, a crib will be a necessary purchase. Manufacturers make a wide variety of styles and use many different materials in making cribs.With prices ranging from a few $100 to several $1000, there is a crib to fit most any budget. Shop with your budget in mind. One last thing to consider, is purchasing a crib that converts into a regular bed when your baby is no longer a baby.

Some moms say that they could not live without a changing table, while others see it as a useless expense. One idea to consider is using a purchased changing pad on top of an existing dresser. You will then have the added benefit of using it as a dresser by simply removing the changing pad. Many pieces sold as changing tables can also latter be used as a dresser.

No one but you knows what pieces of furniture are your necessities.Think carefully when purchasing and by only what you think you will use and need. What ever you do, be sure you have fun creating your nursery.

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